Hallo, Hej, Konnichiwa


I'm Trieuvy. I am an Interaction designer experienced in Human-centered design and design strategy. My recent adventures has brought me from Sweden to Japan. Whereas in Sweden I collaborate close with humans, in Japan I have been working with human-robots and personal assistants. Soon I will move back to Stockholm to start working at Above.

Turning on the light with superpowers. Experience created with Arduino and Kinect using motion capturing software.

So what is it what I do? I work in teams across disciplines - designing experiences that shape our mindset towards interactive systems, services and products. Have a look at my recent work:


Master's Thesis: Human Design Manifesto

Data Economy: A Design Fiction of a Data Obsessed Future


If you are in Stockholm come grab a coffee with me. Reach me at:


trieuvy (at) trieuvyluu.nl


Or drop me a message at

LinkedIn, Twitter, Vimeo or Medium.